You’ve built the kit, now what?

I’m glad you asked! If you want the genuine experience, here’s a link to the original Altair 8800 operations manual.  Remember, this Altair acts just like the original, so dive in!

However, if you don’t want such a low-level introduction, there’s a lot of great built-in software with this Altair 8800 – something even the original Altair didn’t have!

Here are some informative step-by-step guides:


Hey! Why is my PROT toggle not working?
To enable a second serial port on the Altairduino, it was necessary to “steal” a pair of pins from somewhere. It was determined that the PROT toggle was probably the least used, so it’s disabled. If you absolutely want the PROT toggle and don’t care about the second serial port, take a look at the documentation and search for “PROTECT”.

Fun Stuff

This is just a “taste” of what the Altair 8800 Emulator can do. For the full details, be sure to check out David Hansel’s documentation. You can also download the source code archive available from GitHub.

Much of the software here is still covered under copyright, and is property of the original creators or owners. Not only that, much of the collection has been assembled (and even created) through many hours of work by Mike Douglas of