Load SuperCalc

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VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet program, but was not available for CP/M. SuperCalc filled this void. It was originally bundled with WordStar, and became very popular for CP/M and eventually ported over to MS-DOS. It survived into the early 90’s when Microsoft Excel became the defacto spreadsheet program.

MicroSD Card with Altair disk images (available here.)
Terminal software (Putty is highly recommended.)


  1. Stop whatever the Altair is doing – raise “Stop”, then raise “Reset”.
  2. Mount emulated disk 6 in drive 0 – switch 12 up, switch 2 up, switch 1 up (all other switches down).
  3. AUX2 down to load disk.
    Terminal will say “[mounted disk ‘DISK06.DSK: SuperCalc II (CP/M program)’ in drive 0]”
  4. To run bootable disk – switch 3 up (all others down).
  5. AUX1 down. This will install the Disk Boot ROM and boot disk 0.
  6. Terminal will display
    62K CP/M
    Version 2.2mits (07/28/80)
    Copyright 1980 by Burcon Inc.
  7. Type “INSTALL”.
  8. Answer “Y” to proceed.
  9. Type “A:SC2”.
  10. Accept the defaults, and exit the installation.
  11. Type “SC2”.
  12. You are now running SuperCalc II.