Altair-Duino Emulator Kit

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Announcing an all-new version 2.0 Altair-Duino!

I’ve done away with the discrete resistors and transistors for each LED and have replaced them with a set of Darlington transistor arrays and resistor arrays. Also standard with the kit is a VT100 emulator (with VGA and USB keyboard support), DE9 serial connection, audio connection emulating a Processor Technology Music System card, and SD card slot for floppy drive/hard drive emulation.

I have also added support for David Hansel’s bus which enables the use of expansions cards. You can read more about the construction and use of expansion cards here:

The kit includes an acrylic case and screen printed laser cut face plate.

This is a beginner to intermediate kit for people with experience soldering. It can be built in approximately 4-5 hours. Please read the Build Instructions to familiarize yourself with the construction of the kit, and don’t be afraid to visit the forum with questions.

What is the difference between the Altair-Duino Pro and the Altair-Duino Experimenter?

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