Save & Load Multiple Configurations (and Easily Switch Between Serial Devices)

Chris DavisSetup

Did you know you can save different configurations and access them at power-up? It's true, and it's much easier than always going into the configuration menu.

Terminal software (Putty is highly recommended.)
  • First, you do need to go into the configuration menu, so connect through your favorite teminal software, then raise the Stop and AUX1 switches. You will see the configuration menu:
  • Change whatever settings you'd like, but most likely you are going to set the host serial output by pressing "s" (lowercase).
  • Select the default serial port by pressing "P" (uppercase) until you have selected the port you want.
  • Press "x" to exit to the main menu (you do not need to apply the settings.)
  • Press "S" (uppercase) to save the configuration, and give it a number (not zero).
  • You can exit, or create and save more configurations.

From now on, you will be able to start your Altair-Duino with your desired configuration by setting the data switches to the configuration number (eg. "0011" for configuration number 3) then hold the Deposit switch up while powering on the Altair-Duino.