Connect to Bluetooth

Chris DavisSetup

If you installed the Bluetooth module in your Altair 8800, here’s the easy way to connect.

A computer with Bluetooth capability.

Unfortunately, due to Apple’s copyright restrictions, you cannot connect to the HC-05 Bluetooth module with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. However, it will connect to a MacBook.


  1. Turn on Altair 8800.
  2. Launch Bluetooth control panel on your computer.
  3. Select HC-05 (or SPP-C) from list of Bluetooth devices and click “Pair”.
  4. When prompted for a passcode, enter “1234”.
  5. You will need to find the serial port assigned to the Bluetooth device.  To check , launch “Device Manager”.
  6. Expand “Ports (COM & LPT)” in Device Manager
  7. You will most likely see two ports identified as “Standard Serial over Bluetooth link”.  You may need to try both.  Try the lowest serial port first.
  8. Launch PuTTY (or another terminal program if you choose.)
  9. Connect to the indicated COM port at baud rate 9600 (you can play with other baud rates if you prefer.)
  10. You can now switch your serial configuration to use the Bluetooth port by following the instructions here.