Good news, the µKENBAK-1 kits are coming back soon! Also, due to popular demand, I am working on a full-sized Kenbak-1 kit. I am currently working with a machine shop to recreate the original case from the 54 year old engineering drawings, thanks to the support of the original case manufacturer, Bud Industries. The machine shop is also working on a 1/2 scale version of the case, which will be used for the returning µKENBAK-1 kit. Sign up for my mailing list below to receive a notification when new kits are available.

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A new and improved kit is now available with a real time clock, and more historically accurate LED colors!

You will receive a professionally-made printed circuit board, all components, a 3D-printed case and laser-engraved front panel, and a spiral bound assembly/instruction manual.

Assembly is easy, even with beginner soldering skills. You can see the build instructions here.


  • Note: There is now a new RTC module included with the kit. This module is based on the DS3231 chip which is much more accurate than the RTC module originally included with this kit. The next two steps are different than the instruction booklet included with the kit.
  • You will first need to gently straighten the SCL, SDA, VCC, and GND pins (leave the 32K and SQW pins alone, they are not used.)
  • Insert the CR2032 battery in the module and solder it to the circuit board as shown.

    Be sure to leave clearance below the RTC module – you will have to hold it in place while you solder the first connection, or place something underneath temporarily while you solder. Make sure there are no electrical shorts below the module.

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Shipping Weight 12 oz
Shipping Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 in

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