µKenbak-1 Assembled & Tested


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This kit is a 1:2 size replica and the case was designed using the 55-year-old engineering drawings provided by Bud Industries (the creator of the original “Grand Prix” case used by the original Kenbak-1.) You will receive a fully assembled and tested kit, with a professionally-made printed circuit board, a steel case with CNC’d aluminum ends, and a laser-cut front panel.

In addition to the original functionality of the Kenbak-1, this kit includes a real time clock module so you can display your kit as a clock with three modes: BCD clock, counting clock, and binary clock. It can also connect to a terminal emulator on your PC via USB to allow you to upload programs rather that having to toggle them in byte-by-byte. The kit can be powered by a USB power supply, or connected to your computer.

You can view the build instructions and operation instructions here.