Disk Controller Expansion Kit


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This is David Hansel’s Disk Controller expansion board for the 26-pin bus. You can read more about this board at David’s Github.

This includes the circuit board and all necessary components, including an ATMega328p programmed with MITS firmware, to replicate the function of the MITS 88-DCDD 8-inch controller, which can be used with an authentic SA-800 8″ drive (hard to find) or used with a more readily available TEAC 5.25″ drive. A brief assembly/instruction guide is provided, but you should also visit the Github and OSHWLab pages for construction.

I have also created an acrylic case that pairs nicely with the Altair-Duino Pro.

You will need to source the following parts on your own (links provided for your convenience):

  • TEAC FD-55GFR 5.25″ drive or TEAC FD-235HG 3.5″ drive (with 5.25″ tray adapter)
    (Other drives may work but these are the drives that have been officially tested.)
  • Mean Well RD-35A power supply (link)
  • AC power cord (link)
  • Floppy drive power cable (link)
  • Floppy drive data cable (link)
  • (4) #6-32UNC mounting bolts

Assembly instructions for both the controller card and acrylic case are available at this link.

These are most likely the last acrylic disk cases I will sell. When these are gone, I’ll still have a few disk controller card kits available.