APPLEDORE – Commodore to Apple Keyboard adapter kit


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This is a design from Claudio Parmigiani that enables the use of a Commodore 64 or 16 keyboard to be used with an Apple 1 or Apple II computer. I built one for my own use but had a few circuit board left over. I was able to round up enough parts to make these a complete kit.

The kit includes the circuit board, Arduino Nano (pre-programmed with Claudio’s code), 2x 16 pin DIP sockets, 20 pin DIP socket, 2x 6×6 tactile buttons, 2n2222 transistor, 2x 19 pin male header, 1k resistor, and 74HCT374N. Needed (but not included) is a Commodore 64 or 16 keyboard, 16 pin ribbon cable, and an Apple 1 or Apple II (or equivalent clone).

No instructions are included but assembly and use will be easy if you read Claudio’s GitHub page.

There is very limited availability as I’m just selling the extras I have on-hand.  The Nano is programmed with the code for the Commodore 64 keyboard, if you want to use it with a Commodore 16 keyboard you will have to upload new programming (see GitHub page).