Altair 8800 Emulator Kit – Assembled & Tested


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*Here’s something new I’ve been playing with. I really like the flat toggles that I’ve been using for the limited edition 8800b kits, but I also like the original Altair 8800 faceplate. Well I’ve learned that the 8800a had flat toggles and the original faceplate! So here are a few of the Pro version with the 8800a façade. I’ve also added a clear acrylic top and an LED Output Register plugged into the expansion bus that is addressable from BASIC. This is a limited version and only a few will be available assembled.

Assembled kits are made available when I have new shipments of boards I need to test.

I have a few new version 2.0 Altair kits I have assembled during testing. These have the new expansion card with five 26-pin slots for cards designed by David Hansel ( The Experimenter is the original 8800 version (as pictured.)

  • Pro version includes Laser cut acrylic case
  • Pro version rear ports include DB9 RS232, micro SD card slot, audio jack, power jack, USB jack, VT100 emulator with VGA and USB keyboard ports
  • Experimenter version includes a DB9 RS232, micro SD card slot, audio jack, power jack, and WiFi telnet module. It also includes an easily removable backplane that attaches the rear of the main circuit board with a 26-pin connector. It allows for the addition of up to five expansion cards and includes a 5v power regulator to provide additional power to the expansion cards (when power is supplied through the included power adapter.) The Experimenter also includes one expansion card to get you started, the LED Output Register that is programmable through BASIC.
  • Includes a Micro SD card with many disk images including Altair DOS, Altair BASIC, CP/M, and more
  • Includes a brief operations manual – you will also want to read the official online manual here