Prototype “Shallow-Depth” Full Size Kenbak-1


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Here’s something I was working on concurrently with the full size Kenbak-1. I envisioned a replica with the same height and width, but about 1/3rd the depth so it would more easily fit on a shelf. It has the same Atmega-based electronics and front panel as my full sized unit, but only 100mm deep.

I ended not liking it because the cost of the cases would be more than I thought the kit would be worth. I have a few finished units, so I’m selling them here. This particular unit is the last one. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Like the full size replica, it is made from powder-coated steel. This one has 3D printed resin side pieces that have been painted silver. This one is actually the first of my shallow-depth prototypes, and the metal has kind of a rough texture to it. I have included a photo above, which doesn’t do the best job of showing the texture. It’s not really noticeable unless you look close, but it’s worth mentioning. I’ll included a USB cable and some brief instructions.

NOTE: I found an error with the kit – I still have not determined if it’s a hardware problem or a software bug, but if you try to enter a longer program from the front panel (repeatedly pressing “STORE”) the device will eventually lock up or restart. All other functions seem to work as usual. You can upload programs of any size via the USB port with no issues.

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Shipping Weight 80 oz
Shipping Dimensions 20 × 8 × 8 in