Altair 8800 Emulator Kit – Assembled & Tested


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Assembled kits are made available when I have new shipments of boards I need to test.

Here is something new I have been playing with – an Altair-Duino with an 8800b front panel. Inside it’s identical to the original Altair-Duino Pro with a few minor exceptions: the power switch has been flipped over and the INTE and PROT indicators switched to match the 8800b. The AUX1 and AUX2 switches are now labeled ACCUMULATOR but still operate as in the original kit. This uses flat toggle switches instead of the round toggles from the original. I really like the flat toggles – they toggle very smoothly without any effort. There will only be a few of these available.

  • Pro version includes Laser cut acrylic case
  • Pro version rear ports include DB9 RS232, micro SD card slot, audio jack, power jack, USB jack, VT100 emulator with VGA and USB keyboard ports
  • Standard version includes a DB9 RS232, micro SD card slot, audio jack, power jack, and WiFi telnet module
  • Includes a Micro SD card with many disk images including Altair DOS, Altair BASIC, CP/M, and more
  • Includes a brief operations manual – you will also want to read the official online manual here

David Hansel has also made some awesome updates to the software that will enable you to upload and save software to the SD card, emulate a 5MB hard drive, support multiple serial ports, emulate an Intel 8080 or Zilog Z80 CPU and more!

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Shipping Weight 42 oz
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Pro, Standard